Company service

  • Annual expenses:

- Payment for license

- Payment for immigration card

- Payment for visa quotas

  • Expenses every two years:

- Payment for a medical test to extend a resident visa

  • Accounting

It is necessary to save all receipts and contracts in order to be able to confirm the movement of funds in the event of an audit.

After reaching a turnover of 375,000 dirhams, the company must be registered with the tax office; this is done on the website

You can do this either independently or with the help of an accountant (contact us for a consultation).

Further reports are submitted monthly.

Documents to be prepared for tax:

1. Copy of passport

2. Copy of UAE resident visa

3. Copy of ID

4. Proof of residence (Ejary or property title) or similar for other emirates

5. Confirmation of the source of income (Salary Certificate, License etc.)

6. Certified account statements from a local bank

7. Report from ICA on the number of days spent in the country over the last 12 months (more than 180 days)