Creating a design project

Creation of a design project

In the UAE, it is important to work according to municipal standards. The design must be approved and developed according to strictly adhered to rules. That is why it is important to contact a local specialist rather than solve the issue yourself. You will lose both valuable time and design budget.

What is included in our services:

· Thoughtful styling based on UAE standards. Using a moodboard, the designer will determine what exactly his client likes, then develop an interior design, prepare three-dimensional visualizations and details.

· A clear budget for the implementation of current tasks. The design idea must be functional, practical, please the client and be affordable for him.

· Correct choice of finishing materials and furniture. This moment guarantees that the room will ultimately look exactly as it was in the project, and will be of high quality and durable. The participation of a designer or architect who knows everything about the characteristics of the materials used, fabrics, furniture upholstery, etc. is required.

We will also assist you in obtaining municipal and landlord approvals, ensuring a smooth process for opening and building your business.