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Dubai is considered a kind of commercial capital of the UAE. In the business center of the UAE, commercial real estate rental in Dubai is very popular.

Finding the right property can be difficult, so we recommend taking advantage of the knowledge of RBN specialists. Our company will help you determine your needs and choose the appropriate option depending on the type of business.

What is commercial real estate?

Property that generates income through capital gains or rental income is called commercial property.

Local commercial real estate is divided into four categories: office space, industrial space, multifamily rentals and commercial space. Local commercial properties offer a variety of amenities, including common spaces, comfortable workspaces, private parking, storage areas and more.

Offices, shops, warehouses, garages and storefronts are just some of the many commercial properties that can be rented.

· Non-residential real estate.

Purchasing or renting retail space allows you to launch a business in the emirate in the shortest possible time. Regardless of what it will be, for example, a supermarket or a small retail outlet;

· warehouse space - warehouses are in high demand in the commercial and industrial areas of Dubai, which include Dubai Investment Park, Jebel Ali, Ras Al Khor, etc.;

· commercial buildings - an investor can buy one floor or the entire building to open, for example, a restaurant. The sale of commercial buildings may also be of interest to those who would like to open a fitness club, beauty salon, SPA salon, clinic, etc.;

· offices - they can be found both in the free zone and on the main land. You can also rent a flexi desk if you only need an office for the purpose of opening an account.

· land plots - renting commercial land may be of interest to those who plan to build an enterprise, office or residential building, as well as expand an existing business;

factories and factories - enterprises in Dubai are located in industrial zones, and on their territory you can either buy a ready-made facility or launch your own.

Where to begin

To obtain the right to lease commercial real estate, you need to register your company in the United Arab Emirates, as well as obtain a license to conduct activities.

Choosing a suitable location

Each type of activity has its own conditions regarding the location of the main areas. For example, if a company produces something, it means that it will need to import raw materials and export the finished product.

Also, do not forget about convenient parking with a sufficient number of spaces for staff and


As part of local regulations, the number of resident visas that an employer can issue to its staff directly depends on the office and its type. For example, if the area is 9 square meters, then only one visa is available (Physical space), for a Flexi desk type office - 3 visas. Accordingly, the larger the premises, the more visa quotas you can get.

Features of renting warehouses in Dubai and the UAE

Warehouse locations

Renting warehouse space is available in the free zone where the company is registered, and warehouses of a local company can be located anywhere in the emirate to which the company belongs, except in the free zone.

Free zone selection

Each free zone has its own premises - it can be a free zone that specializes only in leasing office space, or it can be a free zone with warehouse space.

Increased demand for rentals

Most available spaces change frequently. In addition, they are in high demand, so the best solution would be to make a deposit to reserve a location. To do this, it is enough to make a deposit, the amount of which is from 5 to 7% of the total rental cost. It will be taken into account in the future when full payment is made.

Warehouse area

The minimum area varies depending on the free zone you choose. For example, in Umm Al Quwain - 100, and in RAKEZ - 200, Hamriyah in Sharjah - from 275 to 609 square meters.

Small warehouses can often be found in the free zones of the northern emirates, large ones - in JAFZA and DAFZA.

Larger storage facilities can be found on "Mainland".

Rent terms

You need to deposit and pay:

rent for one year at once or in installments;


agent services (when renting not directly from the owner);

deposit for connecting water, electricity, air conditioning;

administrative payments for property damage.

The premises must be used for their intended purpose - the office cannot be used as a warehouse, and you cannot live in the workplace. All these moments are under strict control.

What documents will be needed


· Confirmation of ownership of your business.

· Permission to use a real estate property.

· A paper confirming that the premises comply with the plans for its operation.


The contract should indicate not only the conditions for renting the premises, its physical address, date, but also the fact of restructuring the internal space (if it is planned).

The landlord can also request:

· passport of the company owner;

· approval for the issuance of a license;

· recommendation