Golden visa

Golden visa

A golden visa is an opportunity for non-resident foreigners to obtain resident status in the country for 5 or 10 years. This privilege for long-term residence in the UAE is granted through the acquisition of real estate in the Emirates by a candidate for a UAE golden visa or through government investment.

What are the requirements to apply for
10 year real estate investor visa in UAE?
*Real estate in Dubai valued at least AED 2 million ($544,500), multiple properties registered under the same name are allowed (at the price specified in the Title Deed, revaluation is not accepted).
* If the property is mortgaged or in installments, at least AED 2 million of the property price must be paid to the bank or developer. To proceed with your visa application and mortgage statement, you will need a No Objection Certificate, as well as a receipt for the amount paid on the mortgage.
* Partnership in property ownership other than between husband and wife is not allowed.
* The applicant must be located in the UAE.
* Husband and wife can be co-owners of the same property (a marriage certificate certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translated into Arabic is required).

What documents are required to apply for a 10-year real estate investor visa in the UAE?

* Document of ownership of real estate in Dubai, which indicates the value of the property at least 2 million UAE dirhams
* Copy of passport (valid for more than 6 months)
* Photo of the applicant
* Health insurance in the UAE

Visa procedure:
•Submitting an application to the land department
•Getting approval
•Passing medical tests and biometrics
•Obtaining a resident visa and Emirates ID