Accounting services

Accounting and tax services

We help businesses deal with daily accounting tasks, reports and taxes. We prepare financial information for making business decisions.

We will provide:

· Receive invoices and notifications about due payment dates (accounts receivable control) on time.
· Tax authorities will receive the necessary reports in a timely manner, you can rest assured that tax legislation is being complied with.
· Your employees will receive wages, payslips, and clarifications on accruals on time, if necessary.
· You will be provided with financial statements
and explanations thereto within the time limits established by local legislation, as well as for any other period (month, quarter) agreed with the client.

Our services:
1. Accounting
· We reduce accounting costs by 30-50% compared to hiring a full-time accountant.
2. Management accounting
We analyze the company’s activities and recommend steps to improve business efficiency
3. Tax consultations
We advise and support in tax matters
We help you choose tax zones, register with the tax service, provide comprehensive advice and support in tax matters
4. Registration procedures
We register companies with tax authorities, customs, AML
At the stage when the business is just developing, the costs of creating an accountant’s workplace, paying for a work permit, insurance and a visa for a specialist carry an additional administrative burden.