ID fast track

Acceleration of obtaining ID

With our team of professionals, you no longer have to wait several weeks for an appointment for biometrics. Expediting a resident visa allows you to reduce the time you spend in the UAE, saves you time and money, and also gives you the comfort of passing through government agencies.

You do not need to communicate with government agencies, we will do this work for you.

You have the opportunity to speed up:
1) Obtaining a visa to immediately fly out of the UAE after it is ready. Passing the medical test and biometrics will take 1 day, preparing the visa for another couple of hours.

2) Obtaining a visa and Emirates ID. For those who value their time and money, and want to get an Emirates ID, as well as open bank accounts in one visit, an acceleration system has appeared up to two days. You no longer need to wait for the ID to be printed or delivered by courier; we will pick up the ID directly from immigration immediately after printing. You can pass the medical test and biometrics in 2 hours, the visa will be ready the next day, on the same day you can get an Emirates ID to visit banks and complete the procedure in the shortest possible time.

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