Types of registration


The mainland company is an onshore company,

and the license for its creation is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the respective emirate.

Mainland business is allowed to conduct business both on the local UAE market and abroad, without any restrictions.

Examples of companies whose activities are ideal for registration in Mainland - restaurants, hotels, hospitals, real estate agencies, car dealerships, etc

  • Freezone

The Dubai Free Trade Areas (FTA) are special economic zones created to provide tax breaks and customs exemptions to foreign investors. There are more than 30 free zones in Dubai. Dubai and UAE FTA are regulated by a special system of rules and regulations.

Companies that specialize in global telecommuting, no physical point of sale/service requirement, can choose one of the frizones in the UAE.

  • Freelancer

Self-employment is a profitable tax regime for those who work for themselves, and does not plan to open a company in the UAE.

- Ease of processing documents,

- No further tax and accounting administration

- The ability to receive funds on a personal card makes this regime attractive for people working for themselves.


Company registration