Bank account

We guarantee the speed of opening your bank account in the shortest possible time.

Opening a personal account in 40 minutes on the day of visiting the bank.

Opening a corporate account in 5-7 days.

The best bankers in the UAE cooperate with our company and are ready to resolve any issues.

Cases that our company has encountered:

· The client could not be present when opening a bank account

Solution - opening a bank account without presence

· The client had refusals from three major UAE banks

The solution was to remove the block and open accounts in two of the three banks that had blocked the client’s accounts in the past.

· Lack of necessary documents to open an account (registration, bank statements, etc.)

Solution - they helped me register in the UAE and open an account without bank statements.

· The client needed to receive a physical card immediately after opening the account.

Solution: we opened an account while visiting the bank, waited for the card to be printed, and the client received it directly from the branch the next day.

We can resolve any issue with our bankers, request a consultation and find out the conditions for opening a bank account in more detail.

Opening an account