Why you have to choose UAE?

  • Geographical location and infrastructure

United Arab Emirates - World Class Financial Center

The Emirates shall provide:

- A wealth of professionals with varied professional experience from all over the world

- Transport accessibility and availability of ports, airports and railway stations throughout the UAE

- A license to operate and open a bank account worldwide

It is the largest investment centre among the countries of the Middle East, Europe, Africa, India and Asia.

  • Legal regulated market

-100% business ownership and ability to work worldwide

  • Minimal bureaucracy

Well-developed infrastructure, a strong banking and stable political system. The UAE is a globally recognized technology hub. 95% of all enterprises in the UAE are start-ups and SMEs.

The ability to register a company without a personal presence for a few days and the online format of filing and receiving documents allow you to obtain a license for 1-2 days.

  • Convenient liquidation of the company

No less important advantage of the company’s registration in the UAE is convenient and fast liquidation of business with the preservation of assets.

At the time of the company’s opening, not many people think about its liquidation, but we are obliged to tell you about the pessimistic outcome so that you are ready for additional costs. The process will not be difficult if you remember important rules before getting a license. The convenience of the UAE is that most of the company’s registration areas, including the economic department, do not impose additional obligations to the founders and allow to liquidate the company by paying 1000-5000 dirham.

It is important to remember that at the time of liquidation of the company, you will need to submit accounting reports that reflect the capital.

  • An important conclusion is that:

- Before registering a business, be sure to check the amount of its liquidation, including all expenses.

- Keep business records

- Talk to the founders beforehand how the share will be divided in liquidation